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Welcome to MKS Industrial Solutions

​We are pleased to introduce MKS INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS as EPC based organization provides engineering services from feasibility studies to designing the world’s most advanced industrial engineering technologies to the global industrial market. Our dedicated front-end organization delivers optimum full field development solutions and in-depth specialized technical studies. Our multi-discipline organization covers all technical and managerial functions needed to execute major complex engineering tasks, onshore and offshore. For more than 12 years MKS has developed industry-leading expertise on Process Engineering Technologies as Distillation, Evaporation, Drying, Fermentation, and Separation Process Techniques for product Development in Bio Processing Industries, Food Processing Industries, Chemical Processing Industries. We deliver turnkey Solutions as Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Consultancy, and Supply of equipment for the leading projects of relevant Industries.

Starch Based Industries

We offer our clients Zero Liquid Discharge Systems that is an advanced wastewater treatment service.

Chemical & Petro Chemical

Liquid Glucose is a food syrup, made from the hydrolysis of starch. Rice and Corn is Commonly..

Water Management

Liquid glucose is a solution of glucose suspended in liquid and sold in jars or tubs. Many companies manufacture...

Food Processing

We offer milk processing plant for different production capacity requirement. And those milk products include ghee..

Oil & Energy

We provide advanced 'instant tea plants' to manufacture instant tea from tea leaves. Instant Tea powder is the fully..

Bio Ethanol/Renewble Energy

As one of the most energy intensive processes used in the dairy, food and chemical industries, it is essential that..