Glucose Plants

Liquid glucose is clear or light yellow syrup derived from corn. Liquid glucose is regularly available in Europe, though less common in the United States and now availability & Consumption is increasing in India too.Liquid Glucose also called Corn syrup, made by using corn starch as a feedstock, and composed mainly of glucose. A series of two enzymatic reactions are used to convert the cornstarch to corn syrup, its major uses in commercially-prepared foods are as a thickener, sweetener, and for its moisture-retaining (humectant) properties which keep foods moist and help to maintain freshness.

The more general term glucose syrup is often used synonymously with corn syrup, since the former is most commonly made from corn starch. Technically, glucose syrup is any liquid starch hydro lysate of mono, di, and higher saccharide, and can be made from any sources of starch; wheat, corn and potatoes are the most common sources.The syrup is used in many of the same applications, especially in the processed food industry. Liquid glucose has high viscosity and low freezing point and does not crystallize like granular sugar.

Liquid glucose low freezing point makes it ideal for use in ice cream, making the ice cream smoother and the more stable. Some candies, most notably hard candies, gum, caramel and marshmallow, are made with liquid glucose because it prevents crystallization, reduces browning of the sugars and produces a clear product.

For breads, liquid glucose provides a fermentable carbohydrate, useful, in sour dough applications. Liquid glucose is also used in soft drinks, especially diet sodas, in order to improve flavor and mouth feel and to control the level of sweetness of the drink.Liquid Glucose is used as a base to create gluconic, citric and kojic acids, which are then used in a variety of applications. In the medicine-making process, liquid glucose is useful as a sweetener for syrups and tonics.

It is also used to coat tablets for ease of swallowing and as a granulating agent. Liquid glucose can also be used as a medication for diabetic patients with a very low blood sugar level. Ingested orally or through injection, liquid glucose can raise blood sugar immediately.Liquid glucose is used in the tobacco industry to assist in the curing of and to lend flavor to tobacco. Shoe polish may have liquid glucose added to it in order to heighten the shine the polish gives to shoes and to prevent caking of the polish. In tanning, liquid glucose is used to promote flexibility of animal leathers.

Product Identification

• Product Name: Liquid glucose
• Synonyms: Corn Syrup (Glucose); Glucose syrup; Syrups, hydrolyzed starch; Maize syrup
• Molecular Formula: C6H12O6
• Molecular Weight:180.16
• Product Grade: Food grade

Quality standard

Items  Index
DE value 20 40 DE>60%
Boiling temperature 120  150
PH  4.6 ~ 6.0
Dry solids  ≥50%
Sulphate ash  0.3%
Transparency  ≥98%
Sulfur dioxide  200 mg/kg
SO2  <13.4mg/kg(400ppm)
Pb  ≤0.5mg/kg
As  ≤0.5mg/kg
Cu  ≤0.5mg/kg
Bacteria Population  30piece/g
Coliform(N)  ≤30mpn/100g
Total bacteria(N)  ≤3000cfu/g
Pathogens(salmonella)  Negative
Shelf life  2 years

Physical & Chemical Properties

1. Its high viciousness increases the thickness and flavor in tinned fruits, fruit juices and syrup.
2. With high hydroscopicity, it maintains the soft taste, improves the flavor, and extends the shelf life in soft candy, bread, cake etc.
3. With low ice-point and crystallization resistance it can improve the flavor and increase the output in beverages.
4. As a sweetener with high osmotic pressure, it can maintain the flavor and extend the shelf life in preserved fruits, glazed fruits, jams etc.
5. In torrefied foods : Bread and cake can gain some super flavor and function by adding IMO because of its hydroscopicity, low sweat taste and low ferment ability. Cakes become more crisp and soft and bread is more elastic and delicious. These products are easy to keep freshness and longer shelf life. It can decrease the crystallizability, lumping and deterioration in sweetened bean paste and the similar foods. With active reduction it is not stable in neutral or alkaline condition. Color substances may be produced by heating. When it reacts with nitrogenous compounds the brown-yellow caramel is produced, which has the special flavor. With high hygroscopicity it favourably maintains the stable moisture and soft taste in torrefied foods.
6. Liquid Glucose has the similar characteristics to High Maltose Syrup. According to the needs of consumers we can offer different products (content of maltose in liquid Glucose: 10%- 30%).