Instant Plant

We provide advanced 'instant tea plants' to manufacture instant tea from tea leaves. Instant Tea powder is the fully soluble solid of tea that has emerged as a new and fast growing product in every country. The various processes involved in the production with our instant tea plant include- extraction, separation of waste, evaporation and spray drying.The Process Instant tea is manufactured from black tea by extracting the brew from processed leaves, tea wastes or UN dried fermented leaves. The extract is concentrated under low pressure, and dried to a powder by any of the processes including freezing, drying, spray-drying and vacuum-drying.Low temperatures is used to minimize the loss of flavor and aroma

Instant green tea is manufactured by similar methods but hot water is used to extract liquor from powdered leaves. Instant tea needs to be stored in airtight containers or bottles, because they absorb moisture very quickly.

The equipment that we manufacture for instant tea production is state-of-the-art and have been constantly been upgraded from time to time. Plant size can vary from a minimum of 5 kg/hr of instant tea to a very large capacity of 1000 kg/hr. The plant is made of complete Stainless Steel wherever product is in touch, eliminating any chance of corrosion. The space required for a plant of this size is generally 500 sq. yard.