Dried milk powder is the product obtained by evaporation of water from milk. Depending upon type of milk the initial dissolved solid in the milk varies from 7.5% to 12% and the final dissolved solids in the powder ranges between 95% and 97.5%.

Benefits of drying:
 Extends the shelf life of milk
 Reduces the weight and volume of milk
 Lowers the transportation cost

Process Equipment:
 Multiple effect evaporator
 Spray dryer

Salient features of MKS Evaporators:
• Low energy consumption (Steam, Power)
• Concentrating the milk up to 60%
• Controllable and adjustable direct contact heat treatment units
• Short residence time
• Inclusion of modern technology TVR
• Special liquid distribution system
• Efficient separator design

Salient features of MKS spray Dryer:
• Efficient customized solution
• Instant quality of powder is formed
• Low energy consumption
• Pneumatic cooling and conveying system
• Alternate arrangements of Rotary atomization or nozzles in the same dryer