Zero Liquid Discharge System

Zero liquid discharge system is basically a system through which disposable liquid to be treated and remove out from the vapor liquid separator along with condensation system.the processed water can be recycle and reuse within plant premises of a manufacturing unit. The system in which technology using as multi-effect evaporation in which higher suspended solids get removed and separated out and evaporated water is condensed and reuse in the manufacturing plant.

ZLD system is economical industrial plant machinery which is highly adaptable to treat waste water for reusing in the industries.Evaporation process is used to evaporate lighter volatile contents of waste water from a solution which is disposable. Its motive is to concentrate non- volatile solutes as hazards organic wastes.Industrial application of evaporation results as isolation of solutes in the form of suspended solids, which are basically separated out from the waste water with processing in the multi-effect evaporators

Advantage of Technology

Totally integrated zero discharge system.
By Product is marketable commodity in most of the cases.
Complete use of condensate water.
Compact plant requires very less space.
No Scaling & Froth formation in evaporator.

Zero Liquid Discharge Effluent Treatment Solution for :-

Textile Industries
Distilleries Industries
Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drug Industries
Pulp & Paper Industries
Electroplating Industries

Key Features :-

Fully Customized Designed System.
Highest Steam Economy.
Lowest Operation & Maintenance Cost.
Operator Friendly
Easily Upgradeable.
Applicable for CDM Benefit.
Technology approved by CPCB.( Central Pollution Control Board).