Ring Dryer

The Ring Dryer is a special development of the Flash Dryer Incorporating an internal airborne recycle For greatly improved operation and efficiency. Our designed of Ring Drying System consists of a “manifold” or “internal classification which differentiate it from flash dryer The Internal ‘circulation in the Ring Dryer, which is of the manifold, a special centrifugal classifier designed to separate dry and fine particles.

While holding large moist particles in prolonged circulation this enables the Ring Dryer to process many materials that were earlier considered difficult to dried with the help of a Flash Dryer efficiently and also to obtain exceptionally good control of the final product moisture content.

Applicable Industries and Products

Distilleries – Wet cake DDGS) and Thick Syrup, Wheat gluten

Starch Industries – Maize Gluten, maize Protein

Glucose Industries – Rice Gluten, Rice Protein

Food Industries – Tomato Powder, Lemon Powder Etc.

The effect of the manifold together with a disintegrator in the drying duct, can give a combination of drying without screen grinding, with the manifold releasing fine and dried material only from the dryer, whilst returning coarse internal to the disintegrator for further drying and grinding.

Ring Dryer Flow Diagram
MKS Ring Dryer Flow Diagram