Falling Film Evaporators

MKS Industrial Solution is a Leading Falling Film Evaporator Manufacturer in India.

In Falling Film Evaporators the liquid flows downwards in the form of a film along with the vapors at the core in a parallel flow. The film mechanism and low residence time make this evaporator ideally suited to heat-sensitive non-salting and non-crystallizing solutions.

The liquid to be evaporated is initially preheated to the boiling temperature and enters the heating tubes via distribution plates in the top bonnet of the evaporator.

In these evaporators sufficient wetting of the heating surface is very important for the heat economy and trouble free operation. The wetting rates can be increased by extending or splitting the individual evaporator effects.

Falling Film Evaporators can be particularly useful when the temperature difference between the liquid to be evaporated and the heating media is low.

Falling Film Evaporator