Thin Film Evaporators

MKS Industrial Solution is a leading Thin Film Evaporator Manufacturer in India.

With Thin Film Distillation, a substantial decrease of boiling temperature is obtained by reducing the operating pressure. This allows thermal separation of products that would be destroyed by conventional vacuum distillation (pot still or distillation column) because of the necessary high temperatures and long residence time.

In a Thin Film Evaporator the raw material is heated up on the internal surface of a heated tube until the lower boiling component starts to evaporate. These vapors are then liquefied on the cold tubes of a condenser. In simple thin film evaporator design the condenser is located outside but as close to the evaporator as possible.

Advantages for thin film evaporator

  • Small pressure losing
  • Big diathermanous coefficient,
  • high evaporating efficiency
  • Low evaporating temperature
  • Short heating time Strong adaptability
  • Easy to operate
Thin Film Evaporator Manufacturers