DDGS/DWGS Dryer Manufacturer

MKS Ring Dryers are the most efficient Dryers for drying DDGS/DWGS of distilleries.  The Ring Dryer is a special development of the Flash Dryer Incorporating an internal airborne recycle For greatly improved operation and efficiency. Our designed of Ring Drying System consists of a “manifold” or “internal classification which differentiate it from flash dryer The Internal ‘circulation in the Ring Dryer, which is of the manifold, a special centrifugal classifier designed to separate dry and fine particles.

While holding large moist particles in prolonged circulation this enables the DDGS/DWGS Dryer to process many materials that were earlier considered difficult to dried with the help of a Flash Dryer efficiently and also to obtain exceptionally good control of the final product moisture content.

Variety of products can be dried in the offered machine which are non sticky, free flowing and non clogging. By making use of quality-tested components, the offered dryer is assembled and manufactured at our technologically advanced manufacturing unit as per set international quality standards. We also conduct a series of test for its functionality assurance prior to dispatch. Our offered DDGS Dryer can be purchased at reasonable prices.


Features of DDGS/DWGS Dryer:

  • Low steam consumption
  • Compact design with minimal consumable parts
  • High moisture evaporation
  • Capability to adjust drying time depending upon product application

Advantages of DDGS/DWGS Dryer:

1. It can change operation parameters according to different material property, the dryer cylinder can form full section material fall which makes the heat exchange more fully;
2. New type feeding and discharging devices completely eradicate the disadvantages of traditional dryer like feeding jams, feeding discontinuously and unevenly returning materials, and reduce the load of dust removal system;
3. Scale plate sealing is used to connect shell and feeding, and discharging device good sealing greatly reduce the shell internal heat loss, thus directly reducing the fuel consumption.
4. Counter-current drying method obtains higher evaporation intensity, Fair current drying method and indirect drying way are suitable for drying temperature sensitive material.
5. New burner satisfies the customers’ demand for saving energy and high efficiency. It can choose diesel oil, heavy oil, natural gas, coal gas etc to be fuel instead of the only choice for coal as fuel in the past.